The Casalino Carta is always concerned in environmental protection and market requirements and the recognitions achieved by the society during the years, best testify our commitment to developing products able to satisfy more and more customer and environmental requirements. The Casalino Carta is committed to achieving over time the following certifications:

ISO 9001

Certificazione ISO-9001
ISO 9001 is an international regulation of a voluntary nature that defines how an efficient Quality Assurance System should be developed. Managing the quality means managing the efficiency and effectiveness of the processes through the following points:
  • The customer and its full satisfaction
  • Knowledge, management and monitoring of the individual processes
  • Ability to involve human resources
  • The importance of pursuing the continuous improvement of the performance

ISO 14001

Certificazione ISO-14001
The ISO 14001 is an international standard for voluntary compliance, which specifies the requirements for an environmental management system. The Environmental Management System is the organization structure that takes environmental aspects and impact account during normal work procedures and in case of modification and that provides:
  • Monitoring and maintaining compliance with environmental laws and performance monitoring
  • Reduction of waste (water consumption, energy resources, etc)
  • Ensuring a systematic approach to environmental emergencies and prearranged

SA 8000

Certificazione SA-8000
SA8000 is the international certification standard which defines voluntary requirements which employers must conform to in workplaces, including the rights of workers, workplace conditions and management systems. In particular the Casalino Carta will comply with the principles set by the following international instruments:
- ILO agreements
- International Declaration of Human Rights
- UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
- UN Convention for the elimination of all forms of discrimination against Women

The society is committed to respect the following principles:
  • Respect of freedom and dignity of employees/collaborators
  • Ban on using child, forced or mandatory labour
  • Respecting the right to safety and health at work
  • Respecting the union liberty right and collective contract
  • The right do a dignified salary and working hours
  • Absence of discrimination
  • Adoption of a suitable periodic monitoring system for the activities and of the results of the social responsibility management system

For give to our stakeholders the opportunity to report critical situations or send complaints about violations of the SA8000, you can download the "Complaints and Suggestions Form" which can be sent to the e-mail address: info@casalinocarta.it or sent in writing to the address: Casalino Carta Srl - To the attention of the Representative of workers SA8000 - Nuova Zona Industriale - 15078 Rocca Grimalda (AL) or put in the collection box of communications at the establishment.


Certificazione FSC®
FSC ® certification ensures that the raw material used for the manufacturing of paper product comes from forests where severe environmental, social and economical standards are respected. The FSC® guarantees that the Forest of origin has been checked and evaluated independently and in accordance with these standards, established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council® via the participation and consent of the stakeholders. The FSC ® standard guarantees that the substances used to produce the raw fibre material do not arrive from:
  • Areas where forests management violates civil or traditional rights;
  • Areas where forest management units threaten the preservation philosophy of forests;
  • Areas where there might be a number of genetically modified trees;
  • Units using illegal forests management practices;
  • Natural forests that have been converted into plantations or other, non-woodland use.

Are available on request products with FSC® certification.


Certificazione FSC
The Ecolabel brand certifies the environment-friendly products that respect rigid criteria for the protection of the environment that are common to all the European Union countries:
  • Reduced water pollution
  • Reduced atmospheric pollution
  • Reduced gas releases with the greenhouse effect and low electricity consumption
Ecolabel is a certificate system created by the European Union to help consumers choose the most ecological and environmental friendly products.

ISO 45001

Certificazione SA-8000
ISO 45001 certification is the internationally recognised standard for occupational health and safety, issued to workers’ safety from work-related accidents and illnesses. ISO 45001 certification recognizes compliance with the requirements of a Worker Health and Safety Management System and was developed to mitigate all factors that can cause irreparable damage to employees and companies.

ISO 45001 certification aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • significant reduction in costs due to injuries and illnesses resulting from poor safety management
  • legislative compliance with workplace safety and health regulations
  • improvement in the global management of risks present in every situation in the place where one carries out one's activity and which involves all the workforce in the field, from managers to employees as a whole.
  • Identification and assessment of the risks and hazards connected with activities carried our by third parties on the organisazion’s premises.